[Spoiler Review] Wawaweewa! Borat Exposes the American Culture Again in 2020

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Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again with a sequel to one of his popular characters, Borat Sagdiyev.  The story for the sequel is that Borat is freed from a Kazakhstan Gulag after his first movie disgraces his place of origin. He is assigned by the Premier of Kazakhstan to go to America and build a  relationship with Kazakhstan and Vice President Mike Pence.

But the story takes a turn when it is found that Borat has a 15-year old daughter named Tutar who sneaks to America with Borat. Tutar is played by 24-year old Maria Bakalova and is a key character in this film. 

The movie is a well-done exposé on modern American culture with a satirical facade. It even tackled controversial issues such as abortion, sex trafficking, and racism. The movie also covers the subject of Women’s empowerment. Although it does that in the standard Borat way as we all love and enjoy.

For example, when Borat decides that Tutar should get plastic surgery so she can appeal to the former mayor of New York  Rudy Giuliani as Mike Pence did not accept her as a gift from Borat, Tutar has an eye-opening conversation with her babysitter.

She decides that the plastic surgery is pointless and that men should love her who she is. Tutar even attends a conservative Women’s group and announces that women can do things her country said they could not do. That is all I can say so far as this is a school newspaper and Borat being an explicit movie.

Covid has affected the movie´s production but it also provided more material for the movie. One memorable scene in the movie is when Borat attends a far-right rally in disguise looking for his daughter after she leaves him after the conservative women’s group scene.

He then decides to go on stage, disguised as someone who looks like that would attend the said rally, and sing a song about Covid

A song which states that ¨Corona is a liberal hoax¨ and that ¨Dr. Fauci should be injected with the Wuhan flu¨. That scene exposes the growing alt-right crowd in America and their extreme ideology. Sacha Baron Cohen has even stated that it was the first time he ever had to wear a bulletproof vest as he feared his joke might go awry. 

Overall, it was a great movie to watch by myself. It is a movie to watch with friends and even family if you are bold.  The jokes landed very well and the movie itself was even heartwarming.

The only issue I had with watching this movie was that it could have been a bit longer. There also could have been more jokes added to the movie. Although with Borat being well-known it would have been difficult to do the foreigner jokes that were prominent in the first movie.

There is no rating system for movies here at the Torch so I will just give it a 4.5 out of 5 Bucky the Blazers.

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