Anthony Perez´s Farewell Story

What a weird four years it has been. Hello, I’m Anthony Perez, you may or may not know me. If you guys ever watched the theatre productions here in Addison Trail, I played such well-known characters like the blind dad in Anonymous or Joey Primo in Rock of Ages with his ever so funny line about Arby’s and pooping money, and this year I played an old guy in a zoom show along with Cousin It in the Addams Family. 

 Alright, I’ll stop flaunting my filmography and go on what I wanted to say. These four years at Addison Trail have gone by fast. I still remember my Freshman orientation with Principal Bolden saying our four years will go by fast.  Never would I ever thought my last year would end with us wearing a mask and having to go to classes online. Everyone expects their last year is Gonna be their best year with all these senior events and rituals. 

 But despite everything going on, I really liked my four years here.

Give me a second here, I am starting to feel the waterworks coming in.

I remember my first year was a nice introduction. Especially in my math class, because doing poorly in middle school but doing well in High School really makes You feel like a million bucks.  I even had my first girlfriend in my freshman year and even experienced my first break-Up

Is that not what the high school experience is? 

Never would I have thought high school was going to be different for me. Addison Trail is and was Gonna give me more experience and more people for me to talk to. I did not even think I was able to Let myself talk to teachers more.

You would think that all high school teachers would be these cold, heartless robots that will make your life straight Down to hell. But you should Never assume because in actuality the teachers here are cold, heartless PEOPLE and that is what really matters. I am Gonna be real and say that the teachers here are actually amazing. In my four years here, I have been lucky to have met some amazing teachers that have inspired me to become a teacher. Some of which I would even Run to their classrooms so I can be there early.

 I am joking about that running stuff, by the way, I am not some freshman running in the hallways during the passing period because they think five minutes is not enough time.  

It is still weird for me to think that my senior year just came Around And smacked me in the face. My high school experience is exactly what it is, I have had good moments but I also had bad moments where I just wanted to Desert that moment. But it is the trial and tribulations that makes a person grow because without it, You cannot grow as a person. These four years go by fast and to any underclass students, really cherish your time.

Lastly, before I am done with my last Torch story, please click the link as it is one of my favorite songs as I want to share it with everyone. Read all the bolded and italicized words starting from the second paragraph. 

On a serious note, I enjoyed my four years here and I am very lucky enough to have met many wonderful classmates and teachers. It saddens me that my time here is over but I very much enjoyed my experience here. Any underclassmen and women I know or any other person, please enjoy your four years here. Do what makes you nervous. I joined the Torch despite never having any actual newspaper experience. But it was a decision I do not regret. You never know if your time will be taken so might as well step out of your comfort zone.

Farewell AT!

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Anthony Perez is a First-Timer Senior in the AT Torch Staff. He chose to take part in the Torch to improve as a writer and to get out of his comfort zone. He decided that was the best choice as he loves the work because he views it as challenging yet fun.