Ahmed To Attend Yale To Represent Those In Jail

Everyone in this world has some sort of goals or dreams that they choose to go after. It could be something small as wanting to meet a famous celebrity or it could be a long-term goal like obtaining the dream job one has always wanted. Here at AT there is one student that is on his way to his dream university. Israar Ahmed is a senior who has applied and has been accepted to a well known Ivy-league school, Yale University in New Haven Connecticut This is such a tremendous moment, not only to Israar Ahmed but to Addison Trail as the school has another student who has been accepted to an Ivy-league school.  

In these trying times as a society, we need more people in positions to help those who cannot help themselves. It feels as if there is a force to put minorities on the sideline while we let those with power abuse it. Israar wants to help change that. He plans to major in Political Science,

 “Because I know this area of education is the best for me to learn how to make positive changes¨ Ahmed said.  

He plans to become a civil law attorney so he has access to the position to help people. As a way to help those who have been wronged or discriminated against. Not only does he want to become a civil law attorney but he would like to enter political office one day. 

It is a breath of fresh air to see someone worth deserving of being admitted to an ivy-league school as there have been those in positions of wealth and power to smuggle their child to such prestigious schools.  For example, actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman along with many business folks, CEOs, and chairmen all used their power to unfairly admit their children to colleges back in 2018.  Israar feels strongly about that controversy as it gives him another reason to become a civil law attorney.

¨[What] upsets me is how the justice system treats these acts in lenient ways and it shows the disparities, especially in cases compared to those of different races and of low-income who were severely punished for crimes that were insignificant compared to money laundering and bribery for admission,”  

-Israar Ahmed

         Moving on from a negative reminder how unfair the world can be, it’s also worth noting the teacher’s perspective of writing a letter of recommendation for someone applying to an Ivy-league school as Yale. It must be a wonderful  feeling of knowing that a teacher did their job right and was able to be involved in such a prestigious honor. AP Biology teacher Carolyn Erwin, has expressed a proud feeling of the moment. 

           “I felt so much relief, pride, and excitement when he emailed me.  These moments are what teachers live for, and I know he will go on to do great things.  I hope other students see him as a role model and are inspired by his achievements,”

-Carolyn Erwin

           Israar going to Yale is a very nice reminder that through hard work and dedication anyone could achieve their goals. While as corny as that sounds it is very true. He hopes that underclassmen, who also have a dream of going to an Ivy-league school,  should find a passion as that is what they look for. But not only find a passion but to not overwhelm themselves and find a way to prove to admissions. 

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