Come Watch the Orchesis Show on May 22nd at 2pm and at 7pm!

The Orchesis Show Must Go On!

Nothing hurts more than putting in the effort for a project that required time and energy, just for it to be canceled. It could be considered a universal feeling that everyone faces at least one time in their life. The pandemic last year certainly gave more people that feeling. One group of people that were affected by it was the Orchesis members that had to cancel their show because of the pandemic. It was rough as some of those members were seniors that wanted to perform in their last show.

But on a positive note, the 2020 graduate Orchesis members are given the opportunity to come and perform. That is such a wonderful feeling as it helps make up for the disappointment of last year.  In fact, Orchesis Co-President Alyssa Gallo has expressed her happiness for the seniors,

“I am happy that they are coming back and are able to be on the stage one last time as well. They are like family and to be able to be together one last time means so much. I can’t wait to see them.”

-Orchesis President Alyssa Gallo

People could have the opportunity to see the 2020 seniors and current seniors on May 22nd at 2pm and 7pm.

Orchesis is a year-round club that is dedicated to dance. Those in it put on a show for other people to watch. Most of the members involved most likely have been practicing dancing at a young age. It is a great club for people who have the need to dance and want to be around other people who feel the same way. LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer, or Cesco for short, is the sponsor for the club. She explains,

 “Orchesis is a year-round club that’s dedicated to the sport of dance and the people who try out or audition for Orchesis, love dance and probably dance their whole lives and love to be on stage and participate in that art form.”

-Orchesis Sponsor LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer

It has been a year since Orchesis was canceled as they were so close to putting on a show for last year. But luckily, having a vaccine out there and having people being vaccinated has allowed leeway for clubs to start back up again. With Orchesis, they had to rush with the beginning process of the show. They had to start the audition quickly, as they did not have a lot of time since the Orchesis show was planned for late spring,

“So this year we did not know if we were going to have a show this year, clearly, as soon as the musical got going. We were allowed to start practicing too and we’ve been in ever since. And so we had to do auditions really fast in the winter and we started practicing every day and our show theme this year is The Show Must Go On.” 

-Orchesis Sponsor LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer

So the Orchesis show looks strong as its days go by. But of course, there can never be a good event without an obstacle in the way. One of the problems faced by Orchesis was the problem with links and Youtube. With the link issue, they are trying to find a way to make it available for people to watch it. With the Youtube issue, they worry about copyright issues as the dances in Orchesis involve music and Youtube has a tendency to strike those videos down. But besides those issues, Orchesis looks strong. 

Overall, Orchesis is just like its theme this year, that it must go on and will be on. Just as long no one contracts a sickness and everyone remains healthy. 

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