Donald Trump and COVID

In this upcoming election season, it is important to look back on the accomplishments and failures of the president. This influences the voter to decide whether or not a president deserves a second term.

One key moment in the presidency was that Donald Trump on the week of the first Presidential debate was found to be infected by Covid. He has spent the weekend at the Walter Reed hospital, where he stayed until his health improved on Oct. 5. From right then on there, Trump’s handling of Covid has taken even more of a drastic turn. 

This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the covid timeline that has plagued us in America. Let us look back early in the year where it was found that Donald Trump knew about the virus and did not take any actions, other than restricting flights from China. But when the virus came to our home, that is when it took a turn for the worst. It was revealed that in March, Trump himself downplayed the virus. 

¨We don’t want to instill panic, We don’t want to jump up and down and start shouting that we have a problem that is a tremendous problem and scare everybody.¨  

– Donald Trump

While the idea of not causing a nationwide panic can be justified, Trump could have still done much more to help lower cases. But instead, in his first rally, he silently encourages his supporters to disregard guidelines.

His rallies clearly have a majority of people not wearing masks. Along with the lack of distance seen within his audience.  A president should not promote the idea of not wearing masks and following guidelines in this pandemic. 

Donald Trump catching Covid should have given him a new insight on Covid. But that is not the case.

 ¨Don’t let it dominate. Don’t let it take over your lives,¨ 

-Donald Trump, after recovery

 That is what Trump had said after being released from the hospital. While it has some sort of meaning behind it, that statement clearly cannot be applied to the Americans struggling medically.

Of course, the president who has received top-notch care would not let Covid dominate his life.  But the thing is not everyone has the access to medical help. Sure, there is free Covid testing but to those who tested positive what are they supposed to.

Go broke trying to survive is what the American people is not what they need to do. Along with comments made about Covid, Trump’s administration, in early October has also blocked the FDA’s Guideline on vaccines for Covid.

Currently, the FDA is trying to push back the administration’s push against the FDA. It is shocking that there is in-fighting within other government branches. He also blames the democrats and Joe Biden for not coming up with a better plan to help combat covid as it was not his responsibility. Has he himself not made any efforts to work out a plan? Nope. He himself has stated that

If Joe Biden´s elected president, he´ll listen to the scientists.¨

Donald Trump

Since when did we no longer hold scientists to a higher degree, that if we listen to them it will do more harm. I will say that the economy is also important and that I get what he is saying. But if Trump had only listened to the scientists and encourage mask usage. We would not be where we are.

This is what is currently going on in America concerning Covid. A leader of a country that continues to downplay this disease.  We have not even escaped the first wave of this pandemic. There are other pressing issues in America but this is one that should be focused on. This issue is one that causes other issues and if we do not get this issue resolved. Then how else will we continue to focus on other problems when our own leader continues to downplay it. This is why it is important for everyone to do their part and vote.

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Anthony Perez is a First-Timer Senior in the AT Torch Staff. He chose to take part in the Torch to improve as a writer and to get out of his comfort zone. He decided that was the best choice as he loves the work because he views it as challenging yet fun.