The Resiliency of the Girls Golf Team

A drastic change in the fall season may have been a result of COVID-19’s utter destruction to our normal routines, but that won’t stop AT’s student-athletes. As the fall season progresses, AT’s girl’s golf team has shown that nothing can stop them, not even a global pandemic.

Firstly, the team met everyday at Links and Tees to prepare for their matches, and when they are unable to do that due to weather issues, they meet through a zoom call to do a session of yoga together. 

The girl’s golf team captain Jazmin Martinez mentioned the differences in this season in comparison to others. She stated, “COVID-19 has definitely affected the season. We now have to wear masks but it’s not bad at all. It’s just a totally different feeling because last year we didn’t have to think about keeping distance within one another and we didn’t have to get our temperatures taken.” 

Besides being resilient during times of difficulty, the team has been showing great improvement even while having a lot of new athletes who don’t have as much experience. 

Despite some of the team lacking experience, they quickly rose to the challenge of learning the ins and outs of golf. 

“Golf is such a mental game and when you get frustrated it can really get to you and you won’t play your best. We all work hard to do better. Sometimes we have bad days, but it happens and we just shake it off,” Martinez stated. 

“There’s always room to improve! Our team goals are to improve our scores as individuals, to learn to love the game of golf, to get players to place in conference or even state, and to just have fun playing!”

 Not only do these athletes work hard, but they love what they’re doing at the same time. The girl’s golf team coach Stacy Puccini expressed the highs and lows of golf: “I love teaching/coaching these girls a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives,” she said. “Golf is a very mental sport, so it is a challenge to stay positive and let things go during a round when you may not be playing great.” 

Martinez also further expressed the challenge of staying focused and not letting a bad match affect their overall morale: “The challenges I’ve faced are getting upset at a match. When I have a bad shot I get upset and that keeps me from doing well. Right now I’m just forgetting my bad shots and moving on because I know my next shot will be better.” 

The whole team has goals and aspirations, and when questioned about the goals and expectations she had for her athletes, Coach Puccini stated, “This season, I wanted (them) to find enjoyment in learning and playing golf and embrace we were able to compete this season.  My goal was for the girls to increase their knowledge of the game and love of the sport.  Also, decrease their scores on their scorecard. We were aiming to be bogey golfers.”

 The team has collectively improved together, with everyone trying their best to bring their scores down. Their most important goal of the season was to try their best and have fun, which they accomplished.

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