Swim team takes 7 of 8 meets, 3rd place at WSG conference

The AT girls swim team recently concluded its season after spending the past few months working on its goals like improving its skills and become stronger swimmers along the way. 

The swimmers started their season at the beginning of the year and they were able to progress as a team to make their way to the conference meet. 

The team recently finished the season at the West Suburban Gold Conference where both the varsity and junior varsity teams came in third place. 

The team has won in 7 of the 8 meets that they competed in this year. This year they competed against York, Hinsdale South, Morton, and Redmond Park. Many of these teams the girls swam against twice or more times, where they were able to win at the meets each time. 

This season the team was able to have swimmers who made it to first place in multiple of their meets, and they were able to improve on their times as they continued through the season. 

“We had multiple highlights this season,” said assistant girls swim coach Daniel Fernadez. “From our swimmers winning 1st place against other strong swimmers in multiple events throughout the season to having all of our swimmers continuously drop times in our meets and invites.”

The team spent the season working to develop their skills in the many different areas of swim.

“Our main goal was to help each of our swimmers foster and develop their swimming skills in order to support their own personal goal of becoming stronger and faster swimmers,” said Fernadez. 

The team has had a rough previous few seasons due to Covid and the restrictions making it harder on the team and the season. Though this year since less Covid cases hit the team they were able to have a smoother season than they did last year. 

“Compared to last year, this year, due to fewer COVID cases, the team faced fewer challenges, which made for a smooth season,” said Fernadez.

The team was able to have more a productive season this year compared to recent years. 

“I think the season overall did very well, especially compared to last season at least personally, said Senior Emilia Jarzabek.

The team was able to gain a better turnout this year with the number of swimmers that joined, especially with swimmers from AT. 

“I think the team felt better about the season overall than previous seasons,” said Jarzabek. “Especially on the AT side we had a bit of a better turnout than last season and I hope the team continues to get new swimmers.”

As the season worked throughout the season the swimmers were able to carry on and improve both individually and as a team. 

“I think some highlights of the season were conference and the meets leading up to it because they really showed a lot of improvement, not only individually but also as a team,” said Jarabek.

The team was able to work on improving their overall times and work to have a smooth season this year. 

“Overall, we had a smooth, safe, and fun season this year,” said Fernandez.

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