Gymnastics ends a memorable season

The AT girl’s gymnastics team just finished off its season after working hard on routines to make it all the way to the sectional meet.

On Feb. 7, senior Maddie Muccianti performed a routine at the sectional meet,  that she had spent the season working on. 

The team went against Leyden in an important meet on Jan. 24. Muccianti came in first in the floor exercise with a score of 8.90 and second on the uneven bars with a score of 8.30. 

At the same meet junior Nicolette Franczak scored first place on the balance beam with a score of 9.30. She came in second all around with a score of 34.35. 

At the meet, the team scored 132.00 points with the most points from the vault with 33.80 points. 

The team spent the season working to improve their skills, helping each other, and bonding as a team to make sure the season had a good environment and was fun for the duration of the season.  

“This season went very well overall we had a lot of fun. Some of my favorite memories from this season is probable meets and bonding with the team. We worked really hard and got a couple new skill,” said Muccianti. 

The team had many gymnasts return to the season this year giving a start base from the start of the season. 

“The varsity team had a strong foundation with most of the girls returning to the team,” said girls’ gymnastics coach Micheal Galfi.

The team was very competitive this year waiting to have its chance to compete in meets, giving the gymnasts the competitiveness to see continuous improvements as they competed.

“There was a lot of competition for spots on the team during meets,” said Galfi.  “This year, more than ever, the girls were eager to compete and had to fight to win a spot on the roster.  This healthy competitiveness created a spark with the girls so they were always trying to develop and get better.”

As the season progressed the gymnasts added to their routines with new and more intense skills they learned as the season moved on. 

“The entire team worked on improving their routines and added in more difficult moves wherever possible.  It was an enjoyable season to see the resurgence of Addison Trail Gymnastics,” said Galfi. 

With the commitment and difficulty of the sport, the team used it to their advantage to help them improve their skills and work towards the goals they had set for themselves throughout the season. 

“Gymnastics is a difficult sport that takes discipline, determination, as well as a high level of commitment,” said Galfi.  “I really enjoy working with athletes to achieve their goals, especially some goals that take months of commitment.  From the time they walk into the gym in November, to the end of the season in February, so many of these athletes have transformed themselves mentally and physically.  To see their growth throughout each season and throughout the years is truly rewarding.”

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