Cheer team brought it during competition leading to State

As the winter sports season begins to wrap up, the cheer team has begun competing in conference competitions leading up to both sectional and state championships. 

The team has a total of 5 competitions throughout the end of this season. They have already competed in two competitions, the first one on Dec. 11 at Marion Catholic and the second on Dec. 18 at Wilmington High School. 

The team has yet to compete at the conference competition on Jan. 16 at Hinsdale South, the state ICCA competition at the BOS Center in Springfield on Jan. 21, and their last competition is sectionals on Jan. 28 at Buffalo Grove High School. 

The team has faced many challenges throughout the course of the season, though they have been able to overcome them, which was shown when they won first place in the first competition they performed in this season. 

“The season has gone amazing this year. With every year comes difficult obstacles but the team has overcome every single one of them. We won 1st place at the Wilmington High School cheer competition and received a bid to state in Springfield as well,” said head varsity cheer coach Alexia Gomez.

The team spent the season working toward its  goal of making their way to get a bid at ICCA state. 

“Our main goal every year is to get a bid to ICCA state and I am very proud to say we did that,” said Gomez.

This year the team is coed which hasn’t been something that has happened on the team in recent seasons for them. 

“This season is different from last year because we are back to being coed. This means we have boys back on the team. It brings me joy to have a coed team. Cheer is for everyone and it is a super-inclusive sport so I love to see it,” said Gomez. 

The team worked together throughout the season helping them overcome its obstacles and create a stronger team. 

“The season is going very well. We’ve had our ups and downs but we are continuing to bounce back stronger and stronger each time,”  said co-captain Kerri Carr. 

The team has created an environment where they have a lot of passion and teamwork throughout the season, helping them accomplish their goals for the season. 

“Compared to other seasons the love and the passion for the sport is really there. I feel like In previous years it was nothing but drama and hierarchy, however this year really amplifies teamwork and unity,” said Carr. 

The team has formed a large family bond this year, supporting each other and working together to create an environment for everyone. 

“I’ve seen that this season really shows how a team can become a family where everyone supports each other and tries to work together in order to create awesome moments for the school and for ourselves. As we always say ‘one family is one team with big hearts and dreams’,”said co-captain Leonardo Diaz Gomez. 

The team works toward the season to make it to the state competition. 

“I look forward to the competition season every year. Being able to represent the school at competitions is very fulfilling. The main part of the competition season that I look forward to is ICCA state in Springfield. Seeing my team get to go and experience that is always my favorite part of the season,” said Gomez. 

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