NFL Pick ‘Ems Week 11

Freshman Santino DillJunior Philip SitkowskiSenior Lindsay StevensonTeacher Jeff Laschinski
Patriots vs FalconsPatriotsPatriotsPatriotsPatriots
Packers vs VikingsPackersPackersPackersPackers
Ravens vs BearsRavensRavensBearsBears
Colts vs BillsBillsBillsBillsBills
Lions vs BrownsBrownsBrowns BrownsBrowns
WFT vs PanthersPanthersPanthersWFTPanthers
Texans vs TitansTitansTitansTitansTitans
49ers vs Jags49ers49ers49ers49ers
Dolphins vs JetsJetsDolphinsDolphinsDolphins
Saints vs EaglesSaintsEaglesSaintsSaints
Bengals vs RaidersBengalsBengalsRaidersBengals
Cowboys vs ChiefsCowboysChiefsCowboysChiefs
Cardinals vs SeahawksCardinalsCardinalsCardinalsCardinals
Steelers vs ChargersChargersChargersChargersChargers
MNF: Giants vs BuccaneersBuccaneersBuccaneersBuccaneersBuccaneers
Monday Night Football Prediction:Buccaneers 35, Giants 17Buccaneers 34, Giants 10Buccaneers 21, Giants 17Buccaneers 35, Giants 21
Take of the week:The Panthers will stay strong and win yet again.The Chiefs will use their momentum from last week to come on top over the Cowboys with Mahomes throwing for 4+ touchdowns and Tyreek Hill bringing in 3 of those.The Bears are finally ready to go and put up a dominant performance.Pain.
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