Spanish teacher Megan Salgado retires

Spanish teacher Megan Salgado is retiring after 33 years at AT and 40 years in education. Salagado, who began her career at Lake Park, said that the best part of teaching was laughing everyday.

“A former coworker told me that what she loves about education is that she can laugh every single day. I agree. I can be having a really rough day and I know that I will laugh, whether it be with students or at them,” said Salgado. 

She added that she loves the purpose teaching gives her.

“I have such a purpose here, and I’m going to have to discover a new purpose again next year,” she said.

Salgado has two daughters, both of whom will be out of college next year. She said that she plans to move to Georgia, and find her purpose there working in activism for voting rights.

Salgado is already familiar with Georgia due to her two daughters, one of whom has lived there for three years and one who has studied there for four and plans to stay there as a newly graduated actress.

“I already have the connection in Georgia because of my daughter,” she said. “I want to register people to vote. It makes me so angry that not everyone has an equal voice.”

She added that she felt this was equally necessary for all groups of people.

“I would love for everybody who thinks like me to have access to voting, but I think that every voice matters just as much as those like my own, even those who don’t think like me. I’m doing this for them too.”

During her 33 year tenure at AT, Salgado said that her biggest accomplishment was starting International Week and Fest during her early years. She ran it for 20 years.

“I have a lot of really good memories of International Fest and of the dances and the Dec a doors and trivia contests” said Salgado. “It had started the year before I came to AT and it was kind of just a small thing and we grew it.” 

She said that the energy of the school was another highlight of her tenure. 

“I tell people that if they poke me I bleed Blazer blue. AT has been my home for a very long time. The energy of AT is special,” she said. “I could be still having a bad day, but when I’m here I feel more alive. When you’re at home, it’s sometimes kind of hard to do that.”

Salgado will be missed by her many former students. She was the first ever teacher that senior Emma Walis had freshman year during Spanish 1.

“Mrs. Salgado is a super sweet individual who deeply cares about the well-being and success of her students. She is always smiling and encouraging us to work hard and be kind inside and outside the classroom,” said Walis.

Salgado said she is passionate about Spanish education and is grateful for the purpose she has found at AT. She plans to continue to educate next year through her activism and newfound passions despite being outside of the classroom setting.

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