International Dance highlights diversity at AT

By Emily Bieberstein 

AT is hosting the annual International Dance performance to showcase dances that represent many different cultures around the world. 

The performance will be taking place today and start at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. 

The dances that are being performed include Indian, KPop, Cumbia, American Pop, Folklorico, Merengue, Latin Pop, Polish, Bachata, Hip Hop, and Italian Pop.

This is an event that is centered around being able to celebrate and show off the diversity of both the students at AT and America as a whole. 

“It gives the students the opportunity to showcase their cultural dance. Even modern-day changes in our country,” said International Dance sponsor Esther Delgado.

It provides an opportunity for people to show off their culture or learn about new cultures depending on the dance they join. 

The club makes sure that the event is fun and inclusive for everyone involved. 

“The goal is to be as inclusive as possible and to have students be represented through dance,” said International Dance sponsor Alexander Serrano. 

The dancers have worked really hard to make sure that there is a performance this year after not having one last year due to Covid. 

The pandemic has hurt International Dance in a few ways. There are both fewer dances returning this year and fewer dancers that are involved. 

“We usually have numerous dances but this year we have less due to the pandemic last year,” said Delgado. 

It has also challenged the leaders having to count for masks and social distancing when it comes to the costumes, formations, and the overall energy of the performance.

Though there are challenges this year different from previous ones, everyone is still making the most out of the situation. 

International Dance is a way to learn about other cultures that someone may not be a part of and their traditions through dance. 

“I would encourage others to join International Dance for the excitement and the opportunity to learn from other cultures,” said International Dance vice president Alyssa Chaidez.

The club revolves around dancing but doesn’t require outside dance experience. Dancers can learn to dance to pop music with bouncy and hype moves such as Hip Hop or Latin Pop. Mixed with more traditional dances that signify many different cultures and their heritage like Cumbia or Indian.  

“This club will allow you to not only express your interest in dance, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn about different cultures through music, steps, costumes, and so many other things,” said International Dance president Yana Patel. 

Not only does International Dance allow you to learn about new cultures but it also allows you to learn about new people. 

To build connections with people who may be a part of the same culture as you or who are also interested in dance. 

“I would encourage others to do International Dance because it’s something anyone who is up for dance but doesn’t know much or almost anything should definitely try! It really is fun and a great distraction along with a great way of making new friends,” said International Dance secretary Ashley Barzza. 

International Dance is an event that ends International Fest week. 

International Fest week was this past week of Nov. 15-19, and there were many events that took place such as a spirit week, a dec-a-door competition between different ATRs and clubs, and activities like movies and games that took place during all lunch periods. 

Another big part of International Fest week are the different guest speakers that presented about different cultures. These guest speakers included David Chapman, Claudia Martinez, Stephanie Santander, Robert Hall, and Jacqueline N. Janczewski. 

International Fest week has a similar goal to international dance being to talk about the diversity within different cultures. 

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