The Riots on Capitol Hill Have Exposed Hypocrisy Within Both Parties

Our nation watched in horror on January 6th as rioters stormed the capitol building during the electoral college vote. It’s safe to say that politicians, political speakers, and social media users have not been quiet about the event ever since. 

As the country reacts to the tragedy, it’s certainly hard to ignore the glaring hypocrisy within both political parties.

The left was quick to ridicule what appears to be obvious hypocrisy among the Republican party which is its identification as the party of law and order.

Law and Order? Of course a party who condemns violence and force against police shouldn’t be breaking into the nation’s capital. 

However, the left is wrong. 

It isn’t fair to say that Republicans have violated their own standards, however, when 99% of them have come out and spoken against the violence. 

Ted Cruz was one of many to condemn the violence and uphold Republican standards of law and order, tweeting “Those storming the Capitol need to stop NOW. The Constitution protects peaceful protest, but violence—from Left or Right— is ALWAYS wrong. And those engaged in violence are hurting the cause they say they support.”

Republicans definitely aren’t off the hook, however, and not just in the debate that many, including Cruz, are said to have played a role in causing the violence. Aside from those accusations, many have been quick to try and shift the blame to radical left groups such as antifa. 

One example is Senator Shannon Grove, who stated “Patriots don’t act like this.This was Antifa.”

The hypocrisy shows among the many people who are pushing this narrative. For years members of the GOP have been infuriated by liberal politicians who blame Republicans for violence that goes on in their cities, which have been run by liberals for years. For example, Republicans did not take kindly to, and rightfully so, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot’s statement that gun violence in the city was the fault of Donald Trump. 

However, many Republicans are now guilty of the same blame game they say they hate.

Blaming something as terrible as the Capitol breach on the other side in an attempt to make your party look like the “good guys” is never ok – and it’s plain hypocritical.

The Republicans aren’t the only ones, however. Like Republicans, the Left wing media condemned the violence. They also condemned the peaceful protests as a whole.

This seems a little different from the summer, when media outlets pushed out headlines reading “Non-violence is an important tool for protests, but so is violence.” It also seems different from when major voices supported BLM unceasingly, pointing out that “Only 7% of protests were violent.”

The left shows its hypocrisy when it fails to remain consistent with how it discusses certain issues. 

The Black Lives Matter movement was a mainly peaceful movement which had several violent pieces to it and caused a lot of destruction throughout the country. The people who were a part of it were fighting against injustice that they saw in America.

The denial of the election results by Trump supporters was similar – it involved many peaceful protests as well as a very violent event which will permanently scar our country . It also involved people fighting against an injustice they believe they saw in America.

Long story short, the way the left wing media showed burning buildings while describing “peaceful protesting” and left wing politicians are now emphasising the riots and calling them a result of white supremacy isn’t right. Most people are fully capable of understanding that both movements included people who followed their constitutional rights even though they went out to gather during a pandemic, people who created violence which should totally be condemned, and people who truly believed there was some form of injustice in America

The double standard is unreal.

The numbers certainly agree, showing that America is tired of the selfish ways in which political parties operate to earn votes. Thousands of Americans have changed parties since Jan 6.

In swing state North Carolina, nearly 5,000 people have changed their affiliation to no party.

If America fails to unify under the new administration, I truly believe this trend will continue as Americans turn from the bitterness that drives our major political parties.

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