Tennis shows the love with solid win total

Jacqueline Cardenas
AT Journalism Student

The tennis team has been having an exceptional season with a satisfying record of 10-6 being one of the best records their team has had in a couple of years. 

Justin Hegner, who has been teaching at Addison Trail for seventeen years, is the head coach for both the girls and boys varsity tennis teams. 

Hegner has been playing tennis for 34 years. “I feel most qualified to coach tennis since I’ve been playing for so long,” said Hegner. 

Hegner has been coaching the girls team for sixteen years and is very pleased with this year’s team. The team has beaten many opponents and almost won all of their close matches. “I’m very happy with the season, proud of all the girls,” said Hegner. 

It was a bit rough at the start because the team had many freshmen / sophomores at one point, but Hegner knew as years went on they would build up experience and be ready for when they’re juniors and seniors, so the team will be better. 

Team captains this year are Mia Doudalis, Lindsay Stevenson, and Sara Bojczuk. 

There are four doubles teams this year. First doubles are Katelyn and Sara. Second are Lindsay and Alicia. Third are Clarita and Emma. Fourth are Kaelynn and Jackie. 

There are also two singles teams. First singles is Mia Doudalis and second is Mia Dravilas. 

The record they have right now is very impressive, 10-6. “We have a pretty good record, it goes head to head with a team I had 5 or 6 years ago,” said Hegner. 

Junior Katelyn Truong, who is one of the first doubles partners, is very pleased with this year’s season. “Our record is really good,” said Truong.

The girls overall got 4th in conference and allowed both singles teams along with the two first doubles teams to move onto sectionals.

Their way of practicing was simple, but hard. “We worked on technique a good amount, but at practices we would usually just work on things that we needed to do that reflected off our match the day before,” said Truong. 

Truong is very happy to have Hegner as a coach. “Hegner is a good coach. He makes sure we know what we’re doing and gives no judgment,” said Truong. 

The girls have a good supportive environment and that could be a factor on why they have been playing so well this season. “My favorite environment is the tennis team,” said Truong. 

Both Hegner and Truong were excited for the start of this year’s season and are upset it is coming to an end so soon. 

Soon it will be time for Hegner to hopefully have a great season with his boys this upcoming spring. 

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