AT Dances back into first post-pandemic Homecoming

After concluding this year’s Homecoming Dance on Oct. 9, many do not realize how hard Student Council worked behind the scenes to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Due to Covid-19, there was a delay on Homecoming for a year and a half. While students were eager to resume one of the biggest high school events of the year, they had to be mindful that some changes have been made.

In an effort to protect students’ safety, Student Council made the executive decision to hold the dance in the field house.

“It was a better alternative than having it in the main gym. It’s a bigger space, which is safer for everyone to spread out,” said Jazmin Martinez, Student Council Philanthropist. 

In previous years, the dance was held in the main gym, so this is a change that came as a surprise to  juniors and seniors. While it may not seem like a big deal, moving to the field house had a substantial impact on some students. 

“I was upset that we were moved to the field house because we were not allowed to wear heels,” said senior Nimrah Ahmed. 

Unfortunately, girls were not allowed to wear heels to this year’s Homecoming Dance because it could have damaged the flooring in the field house. On top of the no heel rule, students were also required to wear masks above their noses due to Covid-19 protocols. 

For the past year and a half, Covid-19 has controlled our lives and prevented us from experiencing high school to its fullest potential. Luckily, we were able to take our year back. Diana Villegas, this year’s Homecoming Queen, was elated to have her senior year dance.  

“Homecoming was such a blast! It was nice having one after such a crazy year,” said Villegas. “Coming in freshman year, I would’ve never expected to become queen my senior year.”

Despite Covid, Student Council tried their best to make this dance as normal as possible for the students. It seems as if they succeeded because many students, like Villegas, had a lot of fun at Homecoming.

 Students still had the ability to be in the company of their classmates and hear the loud, upbeat music that is usually present at Homecoming. 

“(The Homecoming Dance) encompassed our entire Blazer Nation…we had Boom in attendance to kind of provide entertainment for our student body,” said Mr. Keith Marston, Student Council Advisor. 

Marston was glad to have Boom back in attendance because they have been a reliable and excellent source of music throughout the years. The Student Council board took special attention to the music that was present at Homecoming because they wanted to provide an ideal experience for students in regards to this year’s unique dance. 

Just like the student body, the Student Council board was very excited to be hosting a dance this year because there is a much deeper meaning behind this year’s dance.

“Since I’m a senior…I just want to go out with a bang. High school is supposed to be among the best years of your life, so it’s important to go out and have a good time while being safe,” said Antonio Bruno, Student Council Co-President. 

This year’s dance was a first and last for many. While it may have been the first Homecoming Dance that freshmen and sophomores experienced, it was the last that seniors experienced. 

All in all, this dance was held to a high standard because students were eager to get back on the dance floor after a year and a half.

While students may not be able to make up for the lost time, it was vital that they made the best out of this year’s dance since it was truly a privilege. 

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