International Dance was a success despite covid outbreak

Albi Gijka

Torch Guest Writer

Anticipating a smooth performance, international club leaders were excited to host Addison Trail’s Annual International Dance where people of different cultures come together and celebrate unique differences. 

Many students and staff appreciate the importance that comes with hosting these festivities. “I like how students get to learn about other cultures and set out of their comfort zones, like seeing a polish girl participating in Indian dance. 

“I was happy they also were able to live-stream it, which allowed me to relax and watch it in the comfort of my own home,” expressed Mrs. Stachwilen.

What seems to be a week of festivities was more rigorous than meets the eye. Starting auditions in early September, AT students practiced 2-3 times a week perfecting their routines. 

As the show began to get closer leaders were faced with a new challenge, catching Covid a few dancers were unable to perform. This left the dance in a strenuous position causing countless hours of choreographing. 

Many dancers feared that the show would be canceled. Contracting Covid Senior Sara Bojczuk had been a leader for Polish dance along with participating in the leader’s dance and Indian dance. 

“When I learned that I had covid a couple of days before the show I was heartbroken. Considering it’s my senior year, I was super bummed out that I couldn’t be there and perform with my peers. I watched the show at home and was astounded by how amazing the show went on. Our hard work paid off,” said Bojczuk. 

“IFest has been amazing, the support the fellow dancers and leaders give each other is unique. It’s really special that we can share this with the audience. 

“I think the hardest part for some would be putting in all the work and then missing the show. Every time I went to practice or rehearsal I felt happy and that I was in a positive supportive environment that was just there to have fun, celebrate the cultural aspects of our lives,” said Senior Madylen Ford, also having to miss the show.  

Overwhelmed with all the information, International Club president Yana Patel put her mind at work and met with the administration to assure an outcome for the show. Yana expressed her gratitude toward Principal Jack Andrews for constantly being IFest’s biggest cheerleader and preaching that the show must go on.

Performing during the school day for their peer’s international fest dancers got the jitters out leading to a wonderful performance that night. The auditorium was packed to watch these talented students perform over 12 different dances all students lead. 

The International Fest is a tradition that has lived on in Addison Trail’s history. To conclude this year’s efforts President Yana Patel says, “I had so much fun and it was truly an honor to host this year’s IFest with my extremely talented and dedicated peers.” 

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