Student Council Aims to Revive AT from Day One

AT’s student council put on a show involving mascot Bucky, a red carpet, and a DJ performance during the first three days of school to start its mission of revival.

The festivities were orchestrated to demonstrate the fun that can be had within AT’s walls. With many students viewing the first day back to school as doomsday, student council members brainstormed the idea to prove the opposite.

“We decided to have such a big riot because it would be a good way to get students excited to re enter the building,” said student council co-president Enzo Ciaccia.

Ciaccia also highlighted that the first days of school were the first taste of AT’s atmosphere for most freshmen and sophomores.

“We really wanted to make a big deal for first time students to remember,” he said. “The first day of school isn’t always exciting and can even be a little nervous for some people. We wanted to change that.”

During the first three days, AT came to life at 6:30 each morning. Student council, YES, and NHS members came together to pass out food, dress up as Bucky, and direct students towards the music. The event’s planning was a combined effort between clubs, sports, deans, administration, and many staff throughout various other departments.

“The team effort was massive,” said Kieth Marston, who was the original mastermind behind the idea. “We were able to surprise everybody who walked into the building on day one.

Marston also highlighted that keeping the commotion going for the entire first week as opposed to the first day was a key part of the plan.

“Alot of what we did had to do with interviewing kids about how school was going at the end of last year,” he said. “We decided on three days of action to make sure that we were able to reach as many students as possible to begin the year.”

The event was described to be similar to a miniature version of homecoming.

“I think we gave the student body a taste of homecoming week,” said Ciaccia.

Student council plans to continue its expedition to revive AT throughout the year. Student DJs will fill the commons with music every Tuesday morning and numerous spirit days will be held where students are greeted by Bucky and a box of doughnuts.

Ciaccia felt that events like these serve as the epitome of student council. 

“To me, student council is obviously  planning events of student life, but it’s also about school spirit and student pride,” he said. “Having so many fun things on the first few days boosts people into getting excited about school and that’s student council’s number one job.”

Student council is continuing to meet and search for new ways to heighten the heartbeat of AT.

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