Olivia Wilde disappoints with new movie ‘Don’t Worry Darling’

Feature Editor, Maria Zapata
Olivia Wilde is the Director of one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, “Don’t Worry Darling.” When the cast list came out, fans were ecstatic to find ‘midsommar’s’ Florence Pugh and singer Harry Styles as leads. This project started filming in October 2020.
Don’t Worry Darling takes place in a desert town, Victory, where everything looks nice and pretty.
The story itself isn’t that groundbreaking. A young woman named Alice and her husband Jack seems to have a perfect life. However, it’s not all that it seems as Jack drives off to an unknown job every day, his wife slowly loses her mind.
The premise of the story is something we all have seen before.
This film had a lot of potential because it had so many A-list actors. You would think because of all of the well-known names this film would be show shopping. But it really isn’t.
The beginning starts so captivating with a pretty view and perfect wealthy families.
Then a pretty woman starts to go crazy to uncover the truth her husband has been hiding from her about the town they’ve been living in
Florence Pugh’s performance as Alice held the film together. She understood the intensity of her character and the overwhelming anxiety consuming her day-to-day life in The Victory Project.
Truthfully, Harry Style’s performance was a letdown. Because he is such a popular and constant rising star a lot of people expected big things from Harry Styles. But after seeing the movie a lot of people including me thought his acting was mediocre.
A video went viral of his acting being mocked by audience members during preview and opening night screenings for this movie. I think that It really just goes to see that not because a celebrity is necessarily good-looking, they are gonna be a great actor.
Don’t get me wrong, I am a very big fan of harry style’s album and all the outside work he does but his acting is not all that. His questionable acting skills are truly amplified by Florence Pugh’s lead performance.
Alice and Jack Chambers live in a community called Victory, Where all of the men work on the “Victory Project.”
Alice and all of the other wives have no clue what that is, other than its founder Frank (Chris Pine) is the founder of it all.
All the wives keep busy being stay-at-home wives. They go by the pool, shopping, and do regular housewife duties while they wait for their significant others to come home.
Everything is fine until Alice keeps having strange visions and finds herself humming the melody of a song she doesn’t know.
Things start to get out of hand when one of her friends commits suicide, and no one seems to worry about it.
Jack gets promoted and frank finds himself thirsty for more power. Alice is worried and eager to find the answers.
The audience finds themselves also seeking the answers to all these questions. This is where the film starts to decline.
The movie gives the audience so many questions and the ending leaves you with such a letdown. It leaves all of the quotations answered and truly could have given a better ending to the film.
Pine and Wilde (who as well as directing plays Bunny, one of the other wives) give great performances that enrich the movie.
Despite a couple of letdowns, in all the movie was good. It didnt leave me wanting more and I didnt leave feeling like I wasted my time. I just felt indifferent.

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