How do AT’s teachers show off their fashion at school?

The teachers of AT enjoy a very relaxed dress code allowing them to show their style and dress in a way that makes them comfortable for a day at work.
Throughout AT, there are many teachers who dress up nearly every day, music teacher Alexander Stombres, english teacher Jessica Clark, and science teacher Kira Bonk are just a few of them.
All of them look at fashion as a way to express themselves.
“Fashion is cool because it allows you to express yourself, and it’s kind of like how you present yourself to the world,” Stombres said. “I like to dress up because it makes me look professional when at work, and like someone who has answers to things and as a teacher we try to help our students find answers to things, so I like to try to present myself as someone who is professional and has answers.”
He is influenced by many sources when it comes to what he wears such as his wife, Instagram, and a subreddit he follows called “Frugal Male Fashion,” which shares deals on clothing as well as gives tips on what clothing looks good together.
With a love for many fall clothing trends, layering being one that he wears the most often, the J.Crew factory store, outlet malls, and Target are a few of the places that he shops for his business casual style.
Clark gets her clothing inspiration from the way that she sees things styled around her. Looking at social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, along with the way the brands style items on their websites and in advertisements.
She shops at many different places such as Target, Tj Maxx, American Eagle, and local boutiques one of which is named One Happy Girl.
When looking at current trends some of her favorites to wear include flared jeans, booties, blazers, and leggings. She likes to dress in a way that is professional and dressed up yet is still comfortable for a day at work.
“I feel like it [her fashion] is something that is a way for me to feel that I can express myself, and makes me feel comfortable, that’s really important to me now in my thirties more so than in my twenties or even as a teenager, I want to wear things that will make me feel good about myself,” said Clark.
Bonk describes her style as a “professional wanna be 90s soft grunge with a flair of Jess from New Girl, femininity.”
A large part of the influence for her fashion comes from what sees around her, and seeing people being confident and owning their own style inspires the way that she presents her style and how she feels about what she’s wearing.
“Even If I’m wearing something I don’t really like because it may be work clothes, I always try to make it something I do like and I just try to own whatever I’m wearing that day,” said Bonk
She also likes to play with silhouettes when it comes to fashion, trying out different pieces and not worrying about how the silhouette but more so owning the look itself.
She focuses on wearing what she has and creating new looks with them that reflect how she is feeling and the type of clothing she wants to wear on that particular day.
All of these teachers like to dress in a way that is professional and comfortable for their workdays, and that emulates them.

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