EDITORIAL: Funding Ukraine, a necessary price

The U.S. is facing a major dilemma over the war in Ukraine. From the beginning, the U.S. has sought to help Ukraine regain control and provide them with aid to support their efforts to fend off Russian invasion.

            The U.S. established ally ship with Ukraine in 1991, after Ukraine gained freedom from the Soviet Union. In 2014, the U.S. provided more than $46.7 billion for security assistance to help Ukraine preserve its independence and territorial integrity, as well as to improve Ukraine’s ability to connect or exchange important information with NATO.

            There are many Americans who are currently against the U.S. giving aid to Ukraine. However, they are undermining our responsibility as a nation that believes in prevailing democracy.

            The core values of NATO are individual liberty, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. All of which Russia has violated by its attack on Ukraine. Russia has committed atrocities and war crimes across Ukraine. Unthinkable atrocities have been committed, as cruel as the rape and torture of Ukraine children.

            While Ukraine may not be part of NATO, it should still be taken upon the members of NATO to protect fellow nations against war crimes. The mentality of ‘it is none of our business’ is entirely flawed.

            When it comes to America’s distaste for aiding Ukraine’s war efforts, it merely comes down to money. Americans do not like the fact that their tax money is being used toward protecting another nation. A mentality such as this is in no sense moral. To back out of Ukraine aid would be to step down from everything we are supposed to believe as a nation. The U.S. is supposed to be a nation that steps up in the face of fascism and abuse.

            The focus on how the war on Ukraine affects us is almost trivial when we put it into perspective. Russia is one of America’s biggest enemies, and they are committing mass acts of brutality on allied soil. Although not a NATO country, Ukraine and the United States have a history of friendly relations and aid. If it is in our power to lend a hand in their time of need, it is merely what needs to be done.

            Reflecting on world history, we can see that Russia could only be in the beginning stages of an acquisition of land. If the United States allows Ukraine to be taken over, we can presume that this will only be the beginning of a very serious trend. Our country and allies have made this mistake in the past, of not stopping this trend before it starts. This kind of mistake was made in WW2, when Nazi Germany began taking over nearby countries. It will be better to send our aid to Ukraine now, rather than allow Russia to become a bigger issue and eventually pay a bigger cost of money, resources, and life.

            For the first time in American history the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has been ousted by the MAGA right from his office seat, all due to the right’s opposition with sending aid to Ukraine. As a result, Ukraine has not received the $6 billion in military assistance that they desperately need in order to keep up their defenses.

Our European allies, White House, and the Pentagon are urging Congress to reconsider their decision to exclude aid from Ukraine. Without American assistance it is likely that Ukraine will fall to Russian forces. If Ukraine falls to Russian forces, it is also likely that other nations will be endangered, including NATO nations.

            It is important that we support Ukraine during this time, for the benefit of every Democratic nation and for the freedom of the people. There is not much a student can do to sway the politics of the United States, but there are many things that can be done to support Ukraine in their war efforts. Donations can be made to support Ukraine during this time. While the United States government may be making a lapse in judgment, its people can still do what they can to aid the Ukraine war effort. Volunteering, signing petitions, protests, sending supplies. We must do what it takes to protect democracy.

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