Chivalrous disagreement can’t die out

Read a newspaper article, look at a post on Twitter, listen to a podcast episode. Then look at the comments on that post and you will see a flood of people who have found something wrong with what is said.
I have currently seen a lot of backlashes personally on many different articles published in recent editions of this newspaper, and it seems to me that the idea of “agreeing to disagree” is no longer a concept.
What are we supposed to do as a society when there is a refusal to even look at the other side of an argument, look at the perspective of the person making it, their values and ideas, there is no longer compromise but just pure divide.
The complete politicization of everything looks as if there is now a need to take a strong stance on a topic with the unwillingness to move, no matter how insignificant the topic is in reality.
I’m not saying people shouldn’t have their own views or opinions on things, everyone is entitled to believe what they want to and should have their own opinions. There is a need for different views in the world as it keeps a healthy balance that is very much needed. However, the problem comes in when there is a refusal to acknowledge any other sides and it is just a straight attack on other views instead.
I would say the hold the media has on us has a lot to do with this. The argument is that there are only two sides to an issue, and only one is right is seen a lot when looking at the media.
When reading things online especially different news articles it is not uncommon for there to be a large political push or motivation within the article. That in itself isn’t bad at all, but it becomes harmful when the opposing side is villainized into an idea that you are terrible or deserve hate if you agree with it.
Social media is so accessible and being able to post an opinion at the click of a button may be one of the best and worst things that is available to us. On one hand, it gives the ability to speak your mind, but on the other, it opens a whole new world of feedback from others, which a lot of the time is negative.
When these comments flood in a lot of the time it is not people trying to understand the stance that has been taken or even a civil debate on the issue, but rather a complete attack on why it is wrong.
This doesn’t allow us to see different points of view but rather it triggers a response to fight and the need to become incredibly defensive, blocking the ability to understand the other viewpoints.
The fight against each other and the lack of understanding between each other has created a hostility in society that makes it hard to say anything without fear of backlash.
I think we could all agree that it would be better to try to hear each other out rather than continue to tear each other apart more.

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