Blue and White Night reignites AT spirit

Following over a year of uncertainty, AT Blazers crowded the football stadium on Aug. 21st to celebrate the start of Fall sports and a school year marking the start of a new “normal.” 

Blue & White Night kicked off with the varsity soccer scrimmage, resulting in a score of 0-0, paving the way for the start of a successful season.  

Energy rose in the stands as student attendance increased, and Fall sports were introduced on the football field by coaches and captains.. For some teams, this is a night of recognition and appreciation. 

“[Blue & White Night]  brought more attention to the team and made us feel more recognized. It was a great way to show appreciation. I think golf is often overlooked and introducing the team made us feel more part of the school,” said junior golfer Josslyn Elekkatt. 

For other teams, this is an opportunity for recruitment and exposure.

“A lot of people don’t know we have a swim team because we don’t have a pool, so it’s nice to be announced at a school event. We hope more underclassmen will want to join in future years,” said junior swimmer Sofia Angiulo.

Both freshmen and sophomores have only recently experienced their first taste of high school at AT, and the euphoric culture presented at Blue & White Night is an introduction to AT beyond an academic setting. “Being introduced and having people and my other teammates cheer and clap for me made me feel special and a part of AT,” said sophomore swimmer Josephine Ficarra.

This tradition of five years was put on pause with the pandemic, and students, particularly seniors, were ecstatic to view its return. While the seniors were able to experience 2 Blue & White Nights, the third was canceled, and many expected the fourth to be as well.

  “It’s crazy to think we are already seniors. I feel like we got cheated one year, and I’m very excited for this year because I want to be able to feel ‘normal’ again,” said senior blazette and orchesis member Ixcel Mondragon. 

Senior football player Uzair Ahmed agreed, saying “Knowing that I’m a senior now is crazy because of how fast it went. I’m excited to play my last year once my collarbone injury heals.”

The night endured with the halftime show — a performance by the AT band, orchesis, and cheer team. After a year of productions to empty rooms, Blue & White Night revived normalcy for these performers alongside AT athletes.

Before the football scrimmage, AT cheer team performs for the first time since the pandemic’s start.

“It definitely felt a lot better to be able to march in front of a full audience with an actual show. I think that the band puts in a lot of work that most people don’t see, and I appreciate how we’re able to showcase our talents and create an amazing show,” said trombone player Fernando Padua. 

The annual football scrimmage wrapped up the night. Blazers were eager to see this year’s varsity football team in action. The scrimmage emerged with a tie score of 1-1 and Blazers left cheering for more. 

Blue & White Night is only a preview to “normal” volleyball games, soccer games, tennis matches, cross country races, swim meets, golf matches, and football games AT is scheduled to host.

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