Blazers reminisce over the places most missed at school

With Covid-19 among us, many of AT’s freshmen may be left wondering what the inside of their school even looks like. Here’s what AT’s upperclassmen had to say about some of their favorite places in the school.

My favorite place in the school is definitely the theatre. I love theatre because it’s such a fun and creative outlet for me.everyone there is so always so kind and you can truly form another family there. I’ve made so many friends there while working on sets. – Junior Sara Bojczuk

“My favorite is the little hangout and study spot on the third floor. I love going there because that’s where my group of friends and I meet every morning before school. It’s just nice to see all of my friends before school and I always look forward to it even though it’s just for a few minutes. We’ve had so many memories there.” – Junior Jazmin Martinez

“My favorite place in the entire school would have to be the Softball field. It’s here that I’m allowed to do something I love, while also representing my school. It’s here that I’ve made new friends and got to compete with some of my old ones. Softball is the most important thing in my life, next to family and my education but on that diamond I get to connect all three.” – Junior Taylor Gloms

“My favorite place is the music wing. It is always hustling and bustling with students, making it a full of life and a fun place to hang out during passing periods, lunch, or before class. Also, there are numerous soundproof practice rooms where students can practice their instrument, and I enjoy using the rooms to practice singing before concerts or auditions or even practicing presentations for class.” – Senior Emily Stevenson

“My favorite place at school would the commons. This is my favorite place because I have made a lot of memories like listening to the band perform and grabbing a hot chocolate during Christmas time. I also like it because it is a great place to sit and talk with friends. The commons is a great place to just sit and relax between classes or after school.” – Junior Kyle Parker

“I don’t even have to think twice. My favorite place in the school is the track. Indoor, outdoor, it makes no difference because I still get the same feeling when I step onto it. It’s like no matter what kind of day I’m having, the track is always there for me to run everything out and to just get away. The track is like a second home for me because I am there so often.” – Junior Madelyn Ford

“My favorite place is room 351 on the third floor because this is where Psychology Club takes place and where I made many memories last year. It’s a place where I always feel the most welcome and apart of something bigger than myself.” – Junior Emma Walis

“My favorite place in school is the library. I love going to the library to de-stress on the comfy couches. I also enjoy going to the library to have a peaceful and quiet place to complete homework. Also, when I have free time, I like to start exploring the several novels available on the shelves.” – Senior Huda Siddiqui

“One of my favorite places at the school would have to be the track and football field. The football games would always be fun to go to; the cross country practices, the powder puff game, and the bonfire before homecoming all happened there. Those were really great memories and experiences that made me love the track at school.” – Junior Nancy Perez

“My favorite place at school is the band room. Mr. Corey is an excellent teacher who makes band a class that everyone wants to go to during the school day. Band helps everyone get rid of stress from other classes and let’s you express yourself in music. From starting a new piece of music to playing in a concert, there are so many memories made there that I will never forget!” – Junior Alicia Lloveras

“My favorite place at school is the science lab. Science is my favorite subject and the lab is where I have the opportunity to explore its many different elements. Experimenting with many different chemicals and simple machines allows for me to explore my passion.” – Senior Sara Walis

“My favorite place in school was sitting in the cafeteria with all of my friends. Sometimes, we would do homework, but it was great being around all of them. We would have the one table where we sat at and just talked. The sides of the table were usually split and it was nice.” – Sophomore Lindsey Pham