Amy Coney Barrett’s Appointment to the Supreme Court is a Triumph for Conservative and Pro-Life Women – Column

The Senate voted to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, on Monday night, approving the nomination by a vote of 52-48. 

Barrett’s presence on the court creates a 6-3 conservative majority and could result in several huge changes in the United States. Spotlighted issues include healthcare and abortion. Perhaps the most highlighted item is the fact that the court may overturn Roe v Wade, a decision which ruled that abortion without excessive restrictions is a constitutional right. This ruling is, of course, very controversial. Pro-life advocates and conservatives are thrilled at the possibility of overturning this decision.

Although Justice Barrett’s appointment is a huge victory for many, conservative and pro-life women are particularly empowered by Barrett’s success.

Having become the only current conservative woman on the Supreme Court, Barrett is well known for her pro-life stance on abortion. Although this is seen negatively by some, for people like me, a young woman for life, Barrett’s appointment is a huge deal.

Following Barrett’s confirmation, Senator Lindsay Graham expressed how much of a step he felt the confirmation was.

“It’s moments like this where you can tell young conservative women there’s a place at the table for you,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more. Barrett has achieved success after success, graduating at the top of her class at Notre Dame, presiding over the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and now serving as a Justice on the Highest Court in the United States of America. Watching a strong pro life woman overcome slander and be rewarded for her hard work has made her a role model for people like me. 

On the flipside, what isn’t so empowering is the media. The attacks. The slander against women who are pro life. Following the President’s nomination, I have watched so called ‘feminists’ for female empowerment attack, denigrate, and even wish wrong upon both Barrett and other women who are pro-life on social media. Much of the media accuses people like Barrett and me of being ‘women against women.’ 

This is false. I am not against women. I am for women, and this includes women in the womb. I stand with the 96 percent of biologists who agree that life begins at conception. I believe that life is valuable and I believe that every human has a right to it. We are all equally worthy of this right, regardless of race, size, age, sexuality, belief, or religion, and the unborn are no exception. The birth canal does not magically grant personhood. We want to protect life and stand for those who can’t stand for themselves. This is what pro-life means.

Despite the slander, despite the attacks, and despite the belittlement, Amy Coney Barrett was appointed. She has paved a path for young conservative women like me, showing us that we can fit in, we can be strong, and we can be successful amid all of the criticism. In a world where women who are pro-life face so much criticism from others, Barrett has led the way and shown us a successful conservative feminist figure. For us, Justice Barrett is a triumph.

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