Voter Fraud and the Election

Just like that, another presidential election has come and gone. Well, sort of. 

Although several news outlets have declared former Vice President Joe Biden the President elect of the United States, the tightly contested race isn’t technically over.

Rampant claims of voter fraud by GOP members and lawsuits by the President in states such as Pennsylvania have placed a hiatus into what would normally be the smooth process of declaring a winner. States such as Georgia, in which Joe Biden leads over the President by mere thousands of votes, are still extremely controversial. In addition, the combination of the extensive magnitude of mail in votes casted and the opportunity for corruption that this type of voting provides has fueled President Trump and his supporters’ fire and pushed them to demand measures to ensure fairness.

But was the election ravaged by fraud? 

There isn’t a simple answer. It’s very hard for the people of America to find out. Many news outlets have published articles openly declaring the President’s claims of fraud completely false. Others have published stories about examples of voter fraud that took place. Yet again, the media has failed us as Americans by refusing to provide us with quick answers and information we need to have the correct answer to our questions about what is going on. The left screams one thing, the right screams another, and both become so heavily focused on making the other look bad that they fail to present us with reasons to believe them.

Unfortunately, oftentimes only extremely deep research, if anything at all, is the only way to figure out what is really going on.  In the midst of wild, soaring claims, it is our only option if we want the mere luxury of knowing who our next president may be. 

After doing research, I believe it is still not 100 percent clear how unfair this election was. Nevertheless, a joint statement made by election officials that “The Nov. 3 election was the most secure in history,” is erroneous.

In fact, several instances of injustice have been reported. Mail in ballots were issued to deceased individuals in several states. This obviously creates an opportunity for fraud. Allegations of fraud have also come from eyewitnesses inside and outside polling places. One anonymous woman in Nevada reportedly saw a group of men by a Biden-Harris van outside of her polling place marking ballots and placing them into envelopes. This is only one example of such instances.

This evidence undoubtedly makes it extremely foolish to say that every single vote was cast fairly and that there was no evidence of any fraud whatsoever.

However, as someone who thinks that much of what Trump has accomplished during his presidency and would accomplish in the next four years makes him the best presidential candidate and as someone who wanted Trump to win this election, I can say that I believe the president may be the biggest fool of all when it comes to his claims about fraud.

Although I believe it is important to be a fighter when it comes to what you believe, no one, especially a politician, should fight without evidence to stand on. From what I have seen, the president has very little of it, and this small amount of evidence he does have is not a solid foundation for a rationale as to why he has a deficit of 70+ electoral votes.

A much better foundation to account for Trump’s likely loss is the occurrence of four out of the five Super Disruptors, which are macro factors out of a president’s control, during Trump’s presidency.  This has not happened since 1968. Or perhaps the president’s outspoken personality pushed some Americans away and created the vote disparity. We may never know. 

The fact of the matter is that there was voter fraud, but unless some crazy scandal is uncovered in the upcoming weeks, there will not be enough of it for President Trump’s lawsuits to succeed. 

I am fully confident that in all likelihood, it is safe to say that little to nothing will be overturned and Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States in January.

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