Seniors React To Covid-19 and Remote Learning

As the school year starts with remote learning, Addison Trail students will be missing out on several school events, the biggest being Homecoming and the fall sports season. This is especially difficult for seniors who would be enjoying their last year in high school.

“Usually, right now we would be working hard to prepare for homecoming! We do everything in spirit week, form the food and games during lunch, to the pep rally, and even the homecoming dance itself,” says student council vice president Mia Johnson who would usually be helping coordinate the student council’s vision for homecoming. “These events are really important as it brings out the true school spirit that everyone has in them,” she continues.

Homecoming weekend and the spirit week that precedes it holds so much importance because they give students a break from regular school life and let them spend time and do fun activities with friends even when they are in school.

“One of my favorite parts of spirit week is just the excitement building up to homecoming. It’s always fun at lunch when they have the games and music going on,” says senior Francesca Scarabaggio, who has been going to the homecoming dance since freshman year.

Seniors will also be missing out on is their varsity season for sports. In the fall Addison Trail students usually compete in several sports including football, girls volleyball, and soccer. However, none of these sports will be played this fall. This is especially disappointing for seniors who have worked for four years in order to play varsity their senior year. 

“I’ve always dreamed of my own senior night in each sport I play and the people who would write my speech, the game, the gifts, and the amazing food afterward. The thought of not having a senior night after everything that I’ve done for the programs seems very unfair considering all the hours, blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve put in throughout the past 3 seasons,” says Johnson who plays varsity volleyball, basketball and track.

“I think it’s sad that we aren’t going to be able to have a homecoming this year,” explains starting wide receiver Victor Gutierrez, “especially for all the seniors who have been waiting for more than 3 years for our senior year homecoming. The Homecoming game was supposed to be the kickstart to an amazing year and season but sadly we have to sit out this year.”

However, all hope is not lost for homecoming this year. Student Council Vice President Johnson says that the “student council is hoping that we are going to be back for school in the second semester. If we are, we will be planning a late spirit week and homecoming in the winter season. But as for now, we have fun ideas planned such as bingo over zoom and Tik Tok challenges for our students to win prizes, and most importantly get involved.”

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