Murphy to Retire After 21 Years of Teaching at Addison Trail

After working at AT for over 20 years, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Amy Murphy will be retiring at the end of this year.

“I am truly happy to be retiring BUT am going to miss my students so very much. I’ll miss the faculty and staff members I have bonded with over the years,” says Mrs. Murphy who has been teaching Family and Consumer Science at Addison Trail for 21 consecutive years. “It will be strange not walking down these halls again but also relaxing as well. No more crazy shopping, prepping, and cleaning up for labs. No more hell week for Theatre,” she continues.

Kicking her career off at Addison Trail in the year 2000 after graduating from Northern Illinois University, Mrs. Murphy has worked as a Family and Consumer Science (FACs) teacher for the past 2 decades. Working with others in the Family and Consumer Science department, Mrs. Murphy has taught classes Culinary Arts I, Culinary III – Hospitality, and Food for Life, all classes where she taught students how to do everything from baking cookies and cooking pizza to properly cleaning pots and pans and understanding the potential dangers of unsafe cooking.

“I’m gonna miss Mrs. Murphy so much,” says senior Francesca Scarabaggio who took Food For Life last semester. “I honestly can’t believe that she is retiring this year, and it’s going to be so different not seeing her in the halls or smelling her cooking down the second-floor hallways. I really wish that we were in person last semester so I could’ve cooked with her in person but it was still a privilege to be in her class. I feel bad for incoming freshmen who will never have had the opportunity to meet her,” she continues. 

This sentiment is shared by not just the students but by Mrs. Murphy as well. “I’m going to miss the diversity of the student body, the friends I’ve made among the faculty and staff,” says Mrs. Murphy. “Getting to know my students and building bonds has meant a great deal to me. Seeing them back in class fills my heart. I truly missed being with them at school this past year. I am still Facebook friends with many after they leave high school and I am awed and so very proud of their accomplishments,” she concludes.

During retirement, Mrs. Murphy plans on spending time with family and friends and reading more. The advice she has for students and staff before she leaves is “Don’t blink.”

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