NFL Pick ‘Ems Week 6

Everyone went 10-6 or better in week 5. Freshman Santino Dill strengthened his lead with a 14-2 record. Here’s what we think about the upcoming week 6, including the first Bears-Packers matchup of the season.

Freshman Santino DillJunior Philip SitkowskiSenior Lindsay StevensonTeacher Jeff Laschinski
Record Last Week: 14-2 (.875)12-4 (.750)14-2 (.875)13-3 (.813)
Overall Record:59-21(.738)50-30 (.625)49-31(.613)52-28 (.650)
Buccaneers vs EaglesBucsBucsBucsBucs
Dolphins vs JaguarsDolphinsDolphinsJaguarsJaguars
Vikings vs PanthersVikingsPanthersPanthersVikings
Chargers vs RavensChargersChargersChargersChargers
Rams vs GiantsRamsRamsRamsRams
Texans vs ColtsColtsColtsColtsColts
Chiefs vs WashingtonChiefsChiefs ChiefsChiefs
Packers vs BearsPackersBearsBearsPackers
Bengals vs LionsLionsBengalsBengalsBengals
Cardinals vs BrownsCardinalsCardinalsBrownsBrowns
Cowboys vs PatriotsCowboysCowboysCowboysPatriots
Raiders vs BroncosRaidersRaidersBroncosRaiders
Seahawks vs SteelersSeahawksSeahawksSteelersSteelers
Bills vs Titans (MNF)BillsBillsBillsBills
Monday Night Football Prediction:Bills 35, Titans 17Bills 37, Titans 34Bills 36, Titans 10Bills 41, Titans 24
Takes of the Week:Dill: The lions will get their first win over the Bengals
Sitkowski: Josh Allen and the Bills will take down Derrick Henry and the Titans in a nail-biter. Josh Allen will throw for 3 touchdowns, rush for one, and have 450 total yards while coming up short of the win. Derrick Henry will push the Titans to the win with 150 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns.
Stevenson: Go BearsLaschinski: The oldest rivalry in the NFL, Bears and Packers this week. My heart says pick the Bears, they can run the ball, keep Aaron Rodgers off the field and play solid defense. However, the reality is that the Bears will have a tough time making that happen, so l will pick the Packers and still root for the Bears to bear down and win.
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