New club will support patriotism

AT’s club list will soon welcome a new organization. 

Addison Trail Veterans Support Organization is an initiative of social science teacher LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer, who shared details about the idea behind the club and the process of it coming together. “The main goal is to support our veterans. I’m in close communication with the VFW in Addison and they love the idea of having a contact in the building, so that if they need help with their veterans they can come to me, we can get student volunteers to go over there,” said Cescolini-Boyer.

“I suggested to them that I would like them to help us out. The way they can help us out is by teaching patriotism. Teaching us why the flag is important, what it was like to survive wars, and what it was like to be over there. I see a two way benefit of this club,” she continued. 

What sparked the process of making the club come to life was a conversation with student Miabella DiGrazia, who expressed that students need a club that focuses on patriotism. This conversation was what made Cescolini-Boyer come up with a solution that would benefit both the veterans and the students. 

“I thought about it for a while and I thought this is a good way to connect two things: veterans that need help and patriotism. That’s how I came up with this idea,” she shared.

A part of the club is a program that Cescolini-Boyer intended to start for a few years now, but had to put on hold because of Covid. The program is called Flags For Addison and is similar to an already ongoing program in Roselle. 

Anyone living in Addison will be able to pay 50 dollars to have the club put up an American in front of their house from sunrise to sunset on five days: Flag Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Patriot’s Day, and Veteran’s Day. “All the money, the proceeds will go to the groups that are helping out,” shared Cescolini-Boyer. 

Members of the club are going to be welcome to come up with their own ideas. “Anything the kids want to do. I’m hoping they come up with, maybe at Thanksgiving we can do some type of fundraiser to send things to troops or at Christmas time,” expressed Cescolini-Boyer. 

“I am looking for anyone who is willing to devote time to veterans and devote time to patriotic thingsI do want to get a board together for next year, which is why I am looking for juniors that would be willing to lead this club,” she shared. This is an especially good opportunity for juniors who see themselves in leadership positions and are looking for a club that will give them the option to show that. 

Students are also welcome to stop by room 149 to talk more about details regarding the club. Cescolini-Boyer shared her hopes for the club, “I hope that it will flourish, I really would like to see this, especially this Flags For Addison program.”

The club is still working towards becoming an official organization, but students who are interested in joining are welcome to contact Cescolini-Boyer. To do so, you can scan the QR code and fill out the form. 

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