You don’t have to be sure about what you want to do after high school

Many people, but especially seniors and juniors, know the struggle of figuring out their preferred school, as well as their major. This process combined with other responsibilities such as school, extracurriculars, and work puts a lot of pressure on future college freshmen. 

Picking out the right college and the right major comes around so much faster than it seems. A lot of people don’t even think about it during their first two years of high school besides remembering to keep up their GPA. 

After two years of navigating through high school without putting too much thought into something that seems so far away, the time finally comes and suddenly all you can think of is what college you should go to, whether you will get in, and what major you should choose.

Some people have a specific career in mind before they even enter high school, others find it while already enrolled in college. Those who have a harder time finding a career probably know the struggle of typing “What career is right for me?” into the search engine or spending hours filling out quizzes that leave you with even more questions than answers. 

The reality of finding the right career is so much more complex than it initially seems when we are younger. There are so many people who were set on a career they wanted to pursue, but then took the time to research it further and realized that the education they would need for that career is very time consuming or the salary is different from what they thought it would be. 

Society tends to pressure people into thinking that once they commit to a certain field or career then they have to continue pursuing it since they have already put time and effort into it. 

If you were to stay in a field that you do not like or feel satisfied with, the time you could have used to change fields is going to be wasted by forcing yourself to stay in an environment that makes you unhappy. Changing your mind about what you want to do is completely normal. 

No matter what, the major you choose should be a major that you feel passionate about or that you find interesting. Other people cannot make that type of decision for you, since they are not going to be the ones that have to spend money and time in the field they would tell you to pick. 

The biggest mistake about picking a major is feeling like it has to feel like a perfect fit and that there should be no doubts in regards to it. The truth is, almost no one feels completely certain about their career of choice when they first start and they won’t find out if it is the right choice until they actually get to try. 

Finding a perfect career may seem impossible, but what is truly important is finding a career that gives you a good balance between a substantial salary and personal satisfaction. 

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