Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election

The 2020 presidential election will go down as one of the most important elections in the history of the United States. There was a ton of controversy running throughout the country the past couple months on whether President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joseph Biden would be crowned as the leader of this country for the next four years. Many Americans would say that president Trump has left a stain on the U.S. Because of this, many citizens were preaching that Biden should take over as president. But now that Biden is officially elected president, there are a lot of Trump supporters trying to plead their case.  

“I wanted Biden to win because he is more to the left than Donald Trump,” said junior Luigi Ruffolo who has done hours of research on politics in his free time. ”In my opinion, he is basically a centrist republican because he is known for getting the democrats to do stuff the republicans want to. I think the Democratic Party rigged the primary for him to win because they thought he was a ‘safe’ choice. He didn’t run his campaign on any substance beside the fact that he’s not Trump.”

Senior Michael O’Connell, just like Luigi, likes to look into politics in his free time. However, their opinions were not the same. 

“I wanted Trump to win because he protects the innocent lives of unborn babies, he strengthens the economy and he produces record low unemployment rates for minorities. He also supports and is building a wall to help with illegal immigration, he protects our rights to own a fire arm, he strengthens our military while avoiding unnecessary wars, sends our soldiers home, and creates peace deals with countries that never thought the war would end between them.”

People have the right to express their own opinions\Although, some people rather look at the whole picture of this race and how it is seen by the public. 

“In the eyes of many Americans, the relationship between the legislative and executive branches over the last 30 years has been less about production and compromise and more about obstruction,” said APUSH teacher Brendan Lyons. “In the ‘era of divided government,’ the perception of the American people is that each party’s primary agenda has been to deny the other party anything that could be construed as a political victory in upcoming elections.  This has led to political gridlock on Capitol Hill and frustration among many Americans.” 

There are people out there who are upset about the election results, but that will not change the fact that we will have a new president when 2021 strikes. Biden is respected by millions of Americans across the country and are confident that he will do a good job in office. Other people, however, might not feel the same way. 

“I think his first week in office will be his most productive, as he will reverse Trump’s rollbacks on Obama-era policies,” said Ruffolo. “That’s about as much I think will get done for a long time by the democrats, as the Republicans dominate the Senate and Supreme Court.”

Mr. Lyons stated, “I hope that President-elect Biden can help to break the political gridlock that has existed over the last 30 years. I hope that his experience both as the Vice-President and the relationships he built as a long-time U.S. Senator will enable him to bring both sides to table to pass legislation that benefits all Americans.  The entire American system of government is founded on the ability and willingness to compromise, however there has been little to none of that taking place among our elected leaders.  Every new election brings with it the ideas of hope and change.”

There has been a large amount of frustration with this election year. Knowing who our president will be the next four years, the country can only move with Biden and learn how to adapt to him and his ways. With everything going on in the U.S. right now, how will president Joe Biden successfully get our country back on the right track? 

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