Deans implement precedent for approaching Halloween festivities

Kaitlinn Meisinger
AT Journalism Student

Being as how Halloween is on a Sunday this year, the annual At Halloween dress-up day will be celebrated on Friday, Oct. 29. However, before they can allow this, the student body needs to be informed of all of the rules accommodating this event.

For starters, while students are required to wear their covid masks, the rules on Halloween face masks have currently been deemed inconclusive. This means that currently, they are unsure of what the mask policies will be. Stay tuned to hear the consensus in the announcements as we approach Halloween.

Some students may be excited to hear that hats and hoods however are allowed, as long as they are a part of the student’s costume and are school-appropriate.

Face paint is also allowed, as long as it is school-appropriate as well. If the staff members cannot identify the student, they may be asked to wear a name tag or something to display their ID. In the past, the deans have offered ID clips to students and there is a chance they might be here again.

When it comes to dress and skirt bottoms, there is a limit on both spectrums. The minimum skirt or bottom length has to be school-appropriate, and the maximum length is more of a safety precaution than anything else. If another student can step or trip on it, and/or the student wearing it is doing so themselves, the bottom is too long.

Students have to wear shoes, outfit fitting or not. Being barefoot is not an option. Classes will still be going on as usual. “If the teacher deems a student’s costume as disruptive, the teacher may ask them to go to the bathroom to change,” said Steve Holland, Director of Deans.

With having the privilege of being able to dress up in school, the costumes will have to be approved by the deans. The student has to wear their costume into the school and report directly to the auditorium to be approved.

The auditorium will be open from 7 am to 7:40 am where students will go to receive a wristband upon costume approval. The students have to wear these wristbands all throughout the school day. If they are found with a costume on and not wearing a wristband, they will be asked to report to the deans where they may get a new one. 

Group costumes are also highly encouraged! There is talk of a contest-type event that will be going on this day as well, and one of the categories is said to be about group costumes. 

A lot of students here really enjoy being able to do things like these. “My favorite part about all this is the fact that I’m able to bond closer with my friends,” said Daniel Guerrero, Senior.

All four classes here at AT get to participate in these things which makes it even better. “As a senior, you want to do so much with the people you know before we all leave,” said Guerrero. 

All students are encouraged to participate in dressing up this year at school. The more the better.

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