Celebrating Black History at AT

To celebrate black people and their accomplishments throughout history, AT embraces Black History Month through events, displays, and news coverage.

This month, AT has created displays around the school, held docu shorts, sold T-shirts, and hosted a plethora of events to recognize the black history and celebrate the black people who compose the history.

Black History Month committee head Portia Ransom describes the need for all students to understand the significance of Black History Month. 

“First and foremost, Black history is American history. Unfortunately, it is often relegated to one month, in terms of being recognized and celebrated. Therefore, studying Black history situates it appropriately in the story of America and allows the opportunity to focus on the rich experiences of Black people in this country,” said Ransom.

Ransom emphasizes how anti-racism cannot advance without understanding history. “Information also facilitates progressive thought and critical thinking. So, learning about other histories, specifically, Black history, can help advance anti-racist thought and action. Knowledge can also be unifying, in terms of reminding people to appreciate what we have in common, as human beings, and celebrate our differences.”

AT Beyond member Amaria Hunt agrees, stating the recognition is crucial to black people everywhere. 

“Black people, we don’t get a lot of recognition. This is where we get recognized,” said Hunt.

Senior Conner Watts opines on how recognition plays a large role in Black History Month. “A lot of black people go through a lot, and this is the month it is really recognized, so it helps out a lot,” said Watts.

Hunt and Watts share how Blazer staff and students can contribute to the celebration of Black History Month.

“There are a few different ways they can get involved. For starters, we can have a few curricular mentions in classrooms throughout the day, come to AT Beyond, and you can get shirts in the financial office,” said Watts. 

Black History Month T-shirts were sold in the financial aid office for 15 dollars each. 

Hunt describes ongoing activities taking place during February. “On Wednesdays, we wear red, and on Fridays, we wear district shirts. We’re also going to have the museum that will be opened up to the school on Mondays,” she said. 

While the month of February is especially devoted to the celebration of Black History, remembrance and education of Black excellence must be celebrated year-round. 

Ransom offers advice to students and educators on how to incorporate stronger cultural understandings into their interactions with all people. 

“Keep learning about Black history, culture, and experiences. Have open, candid, and authentic conversations with Black people and refrain from avoiding opportunities to address race and racism. These are opportunities to stretch yourself and grow. If you’re an educator, make sure your curriculum recognizes Black people’s contributions to your field, subject, or discipline,” said Ransom.

The celebration of Black History Month continues through February, and AT encourages all Blazers to understand black contributions to society and participate in AT’s celebration in every way they can.

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