AT registers to vote

23 AT students registered to vote on March 16 l through the volunteer efforts of the League of Women Voters of Illinois, who came to the school to run registration. 

The event was set up in part by government teacher Levonne Cescolini Boyer. She said that her efforts were a result of the tremendous opportunity she sees voting to be for students.

“We live in a democracy and the idea of a democracy is that we need to hold our politicians accountable,” she said. “And if we do not hold them accountable they’re gonna start doing things that we do not like.”

The volunteers that came were a part of the Roselle-Bloomingdale and Elmhurst branches of the League of Women Voters Organization. Elmhurst branch Co-President Dorothy McGuire was one of the registration volunteers. She said that now is the most important time for young people to participate in democracy.

“I think it’s important because you want to have a say in what’s going to happen to your future. Absolutely right now I think it’s more important than ever that you speak up and give your opinion and hopefully your opinion will make a difference. I think it will,” she said.

She added that young people can also show that they care in other ways.

“I think you can see in different protests that have gone on across the country that the young people are really taking a stand and it will make a difference I hope,” she said.

Students expressed gratitude for the biennial opportunity. The first event took place earlier in the fall. Teachers also found the event helpful, letting their kids leave class briefly in groups to quickly register.

The easy process included only two steps: students providing necessary information and a quick photo opportunity at the end. It only took each student approximately five minutes to complete.

Senior Ayme Aguilar, who registered, said she registered because of the process’s simplicity. 

“I registered because It’s easier to do it now than later,”  she said.

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