To New Beginnings for Student Council

This year the student council board faced a year like no other, due to the global pandemic currently happening. Student Council is a club that helps plan events for the student body at Addison Trail High School. These events include Homecoming, Spirit Week, Winter Fest, and Breakfast with Santa. The Student Council may have sponsors, but the board helps run the meetings by introducing new ideas and finding ways to bring more school spirit into AT. This year the club faced a great challenge as school spirit will be hard to do if all the students were home for remote learning. Student Council Co-President Nancy Obrzut believes that the board was able to defeat that challenge. ¨We did numerous virtual events such as bingo, a pumpkin carving contest, and our annual breakfast with Santa,¨ Obrzut said.
Once Addison Trail went into the hybrid phase, the Student Council came back stronger than ever. Immediately, the student council held its first event, which was Homecoming Week. The board planned out a spirit week and even held its first virtual Homecoming pep rally.
¨If I was to describe the student council board with one word it would be relentless. Going into this year we all knew it was going to be challenging. Not only were we able to hold our favorite events such as the pep rally, but able to come out with new ideas,¨ said Student Council Co-President Anna Ruffolo.
Cheering them on was the club sponsor Sheri D´Ambrose. ¨Our board did an amazing job and I am grateful for all of them,¨ said D´Ambrose.
As she spends her last few days in Addison Trail, she was determined to leave a great new board for the following school year. Replacing Mrs. D´Ambrose will be Mr. Marston and his mission is to renew the energy, spirit, and fun back to the Blazer Nation. D´Ambrose got to work on finding the new board. She held her first ever election online and had a turnout of 19 students hoping to be in the 2021-2022 board. In order to be on the board one must possess a 2.5 GPA or higher, three strong teacher recommendations, and a petition of 50 signatures from the student body. ¨We look for leaders that can get the job done, be creative, and lead by example,¨ said D´Ambrose.
Being on the board is fun and challenging as you must be able to think of new ideas to bring school spirit. However, the most important thing one may get out of being on the board is the memories. ¨My favorite memory would have to be the pep rally as we all came together and put our ideas together to give the school one last chance to come together as a Blazer Nation,¨ said Ruffolo. With the elections coming to an end, the Student Council named its board for the next school year. Presidents: Antonio Bruno and Enzo Ciaccia, Presidential Advisors: Madelyn Ford and Lindsay Stevenson, Vice President: Mateo Gomez, Recording Secretary: Joslynn Elakkatt, Publicity: Juan Trevino, Treasure: Sofia Angiulo, Philanthropy: Jazmin Martinez, and Sergeant at arms: Fernando Pauda III. Congratulations to the future board!
¨Once I graduate AT I want to leave with every AT student knowing that anyone can be on the board, but I would strongly recommend being involved in a lot before running,¨ said Obrzut.

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