Student Council Hosts First-Ever Virtual Paint Night

Students and teachers joined members of the Student Council last week for a virtual paint class taught by Art teacher Maria Ramon.

The event took place on Thursday, Jan. 21. Participants picked up canvases, paint brushes, and paints from Addison Trail to prepare for the class, which was held over zoom later that evening.

Student Council members felt that it was time for a change of pace from their usual bingo events.

“I was just trying to think of a simple and unique way for people to get involved,” said Junior member Madelyn Ford, who came up with the idea of a painting class.

Ford’s inspiration from the event came from simply looking around her bedroom.

“I was actually looking at a painting in my room and then the idea came into my head. I knew it had to be virtual and thought that a painting class would be easy to participate in and organize over zoom,” said Ford.

Student Council members instantly liked Ford’s idea and contacted Ramon in hopes that she would be willing to teach the class, to which she enthusiastically agreed.

Ramon took extra care in selecting the painting she would demonstrate at the event. She ended up selecting a night scene that included a sunset with a moon and stars in the background and a silhouette of a landscape with a tree over the top.

“I found some examples online. I needed something they could paint with just a few colors, one brush, and little prior experience,” said Ramon. “I also wanted them to experience blending the colors and not just filling an area with a flat, solid color.”

The event was structured as a tutorial. Participants copied Ramon step by step, asking questions along the way, but they were also encouraged to add their own touches to their artwork.

“Even though this painting was step-by-step, everyone’s painting was different and most people added some individual bits of creativity,” said Ramon.

Student Council’s certainly met their goal of hosting an engaging event that students and teachers could all enjoy.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event because it was relaxing to sit there and focus simply on my painting. I find art to be an escape from reality because you can sit and just think about life while you paint,” said Senior Gerardo Alvidrez.

Sophomore Stephanie Ortiz agreed.

“My favorite thing about the event was the environment and atmosphere. The whole event was very calming and everyone was super nice. I had a lot of fun following the instructions and putting my creative spin on it. The hour flew by very quickly and I wish it could have lasted longer,” she said.

Ramon felt glad that the event was a success.

“Everyone in the paint night was so kind and helpful to one another, and also they showed their work and had their cameras on,” she said.

Ford echoed Ramon’s joy over the event’s success.

“At this point, I would have been happy even if one person went and got a canvas because they could enjoy making something themself. Luckily, many students picked up canvases. I hope that we do more of these in the future because I think that painting helps to relieve stress in our lives,” she said.

Whether or not Student Council repeats the event, it certainly made students feel more connected and gave them something to enjoy during rough circumstances.

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