Editorial Cartoon drawn by Stephanie Ortiz

Joe Biden: Our Only Way To Stop Trump

In this upcoming election season, it seems that there are two possible outcomes. Either the current President Donald Trump will have another four years or Joe Biden will start next year as his first term in the Oval office.  Based on this choice, The Editorial Board of the Torch Staff endorses Biden in his campaign against Trump. Under Trump’s presidency, it has been disastrous and 2020 was the year that proved it. WIth mishandling COVID, a complete disregard for the environment and just simply creating more problems within the United States.

This year has not been a great year especially with the COVID pandemic being mishandled. What kind of president would want to downplay the virus to avoid panic?  That kind of tactic has cost nearly 200,000  Americans to lose their lives. We would like to believe that Biden would have not done that. But also prior to COVID being out there since January, there was very little management to slow down the virus. During COVID, Trump has done little to help stop it, he himself has seldom served as an example by wearing a mask and does nothing to tell his own supporters to wear one. Even during his recent rallies, there was very little mask use and disregard of social distancing in his rallies. With Biden, he seems to understand that COVID is a real issue. He has been wearing a mask and does a lot to promote mask use. 

Under the Trump Administration, the concern for the environment was thrown out the window. In 2017, the Trump Administration had plans to scrap the Clean Power Plan. A plan where it had the energy sector cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. He also loosened regulations on toxic air pollution in regards to companies polluting over the legal limit. While some may not think protection of the environment is crucial, we only have one Earth that we plan to keep for years to come, if we change how we affect the environment. With Biden, environmental concerns are not new to him. Under the Obama Administration, it would assert environmental actions needed to help.  He plans to embrace the Green New Deal during his presidency. The Green New Deal would address climate concerns and economic inequality.

Joe Biden is no rookie when it comes to politics. His experience from being a senator from Delaware to being vice president under Barack Obama. Donald Trump may have an advantage in the economic factor in running a country but even then he had his failures in his businesses and currently with the way he is running America. This is the opportunity that Biden has to prove that he is capable of running America. All those stances he takes while campaigning has to be worthwhile and followed through. That is what is important in being president, actually following through with what you believe in. It is very easy to make promises to get votes but going through with them is better. 2021 is the year that Biden can prove to Americans that he is no ‘sleepy Joe’ but an awakened president ready for the office. 

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